Father Dowd Foundation
The mission of the Foundation is to serve the Community, particularly the physical and financial well being of the English Speaking Catholic Senior Citizens of the Montreal Archdiocese.
Caring for the Most Vulnerable
 The Father Dowd Foundation (FDF) is devoted to supporting organizations that enhance the quality of life and promote the independence and well-being of the Montreal English-speaking senior citizens.
 Above all, the Foundation places emphasis on older adults who are disadvantaged, have lost a degree of physical, cognitive or psychosocial autonomy and, thus, may be isolated and especially vulnerable.
Appreciation of our beneficiaries
  The Foundation values and supports the organizations that provide vital services for the seniors in our community. Services such as transportation, arts & craft, exercise and accident prevention programs, meals on wheels, intergenerational programs, outings and social gatherings, as well as tools that help combat and manage dementia all help in promoting the well being of our seniors. The Foundation is also grateful to the organizations that act as a voice for seniors in federal and provincial policy making, and the organizations that contribute to keeping seniors comfortably housed, active and engaged.
  These organizations are profoundly dedicated to offering care and compassion to seniors in need. Over the years, this commitment gave birth to a host of educational, health and social service institutions. Through their devotion to service, they have made an invaluable contribution to the lives and well-being of seniors from all backgrounds.