Father Dowd Foundation
Frequently asked questions
Who are the organizations that are supported by Father Dowd Foundation and what is their mission?
  • New Hope Senior Citizen Center - provides seniors with accessibility to community life and to help fight against and alleviate isolation amongst seniors in the NDG community.
  • NDG Senior Citizens Council- dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people in N.D.G. and Montreal West. It is an organization dedicated to the respect, valuing and empowerment of seniors.
  • Volunteer West Island- offers both outreach and on-site programs and services aimed at breaking the isolation seniors often face and helping them remain in their own homes, enjoying as high a quality of life and autonomy as possible.
  • Contactivity Senior Citizens Center- supports and works with seniors to enhance their well-being, autonomy and engagement in the community. It consists of cultural, social and educational activitiesin the Westmount an surrounding area.
  • Henri Bradet Day Center- It is a community day program that provides preventative and therapeutic activities for seniors living at home who have lost some autonomy.
  • Benedict Labre House- is a home that nourishes the body, mind and soul of people in need. It is a volunteer driven charity deeply rooted in the Montreal community since 1952. The House nurtures and empowers their guests through support programs based on the principles of respect and a sense of belonging.
  • Nazareth House- is a residence for men who struggle with mental illness, homelessness, and of the terrible by-product; social isolation.
  • English Speaking Catholic Council: A coordinating body for organizations serving the Catholic community, primarily in education, health and social services, social justice and cultural issues.
  • Seniors Action Quebec- works to maintain and enhance the vitality of English-speaking Quebec by working with governments to address challenges/needs facing English-speaking seniors.
Why do we support all these organizations?
  • The Father Dowd Foundation (FDF) is devoted to supporting organizations that enhance the quality of life and promote the independence and well-being of the Montreal English-speaking senior citizens. Above all, the Foundation places emphasis on older adults who are disadvantaged, have lost a degree of physical, cognitive or psychosocial autonomy and, thus, may be isolated and especially vulnerable.
In actual numbers what difference are these organizations making?
  • organizations working to improve the lives of seniors
  • 1,389 seniors lives are made brighter through programs
  • 40,000 meals are delivered to seniors yearly
  • many hours of service donated by volunteers
Why volunteer?
   To understand what might motivate us to volunteer, it's helpful to consider why we volunteer in the first place.
   Imagine Canada’s Volunteering in Canada, offers some insight into the reasons why:
  • to make a contribution to the community - 93%
  • to use their skills and experiences - 78%
  • personally affected by the organization’s
    cause - 59%
  • to explore one’s own strengths - 48%
  • to network with or meet people - 46%
  • because their friends volunteer - 48%
  • to improve job opportunities - 22%
  • to fulfill religious obligations or beliefs - 21%
   If you are looking for a way to help in the senior community, we’d like to help you find the right volunteer opportunity for you. Contact us