Father Dowd Foundation
Caring for the Most Vulnerable
The Father Dowd Foundation (FDF) is devoted to supporting organizations that enhance the quality of life and promote the independence and well-being of the Montreal English-speaking senior citizens. Above all, the Foundation places emphasis on older adults who are disadvantaged, have lost a degree of physical, cognitive or psychosocial autonomy and, thus, may be isolated and especially vulnerable.
History of the Father Dowd Foundation
   Historically, the Father Dowd Foundation was funded by St. Patrick’s Parish in order to support the Father Dowd Home. At the time, the Home was located on the property adjacent to St. Patrick’s Church and named after Father Patrick Dowd, the legendary pastor of St. Patrick's from the mid 1800s. In its day, it was the principal nursing home for the elderly of the English Catholic Community.
   In the1980’s the mission of the Foundation was broadened to include the physical and financial needs of English speaking senior citizens within the archdiocese of Montreal.
   Since early 2000, the Father Dowd Foundation has grown in its scope and currently provides funding to numerous organizations that provide services to our seniors.
   The services range from transportation, socialization, fall prevention programs, arts & crafts, community lunches, intergenerational programs, meals-on-wheels, and advocacy.
Board of Directors
President: Patrick Gillespie
Secretary: Andy Malolepszy
Director: Norm Hannan
Director: Catherine Cozens
Director: Robert Vaupshas
Director: Patrick Rourke
Director: Patrick Shea
Administrative Assistant: Joan Binda
To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.
Henri Frederic Amiel