Father Dowd Foundation
  The Father Dowd Foundation supports senior organizations who strive to improve the quality of life of seniors. Today, these organizations collectively provide enriching programs to over 1,389 seniors and who deliver more than 40,000 meals annually to less fortunate seniors.
  We are focused on programs that provide services to low-income and low-middle income senior citizens, particularly ones who are isolated or less mobile. We work conscientiously to provide our organizations with the maximum dollars possible. Currently our overhead is running at 5 percent comprised of web modifications, secretarial support, and accounting and auditing fees..Father Dowd Foundation has seven (7) volunteer directors.
  If you would like to donate to our senior community, we will strive to ensure your donations receive the maximum benefit to the senior community.
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  Please provide your name and mailing address; we will send you a donation form which you can mail back to us, along with your cheque.
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