Father Dowd Foundation
Volunteer Opportunities
   Volunteers are a vital resource for our senior centers. We would like to recognize the commitment and efforts of these volunteers who have raised funds; provided transportation; accompanied seniors on medical visits; provided help in a multitude of other roles; and in general greatly helped out their senior community.
   With volunteers and community groups working together, there are endless possibilities of making our senior community a better place to live.
Why volunteer?
   To understand what might motivate us to volunteer, it's helpful to consider why we volunteer in the first place.
   Imagine Canada’s Volunteering in Canada, offers some insight into the reasons why:
  • to make a contribution to the community - 93%
  • to use their skills and experiences - 78%
  • personally affected by the organization’s
    cause - 59%
  • to explore one’s own strengths - 48%
  • to network with or meet people - 46%
  • because their friends volunteer - 48%
  • to improve job opportunities - 22%
  • to fulfill religious obligations or beliefs - 21%
   If you are looking for a way to help in the senior community, we’d like to help you find the right volunteer opportunity for you. Contact us