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Request For Funding
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Name of official contact person
What is the primary purpose of your organization? (Please Describe)
Is your organization officially classified or recognized as a non-profit organization?
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A. If yes, please quote your registration number
B. If no, please explain
Briefly describe your organization's goals
Briefly describe your organization's programs and activities
From whom do you generally obtain funding?
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Father Dowd Foundation Donation Request Criteria and Instructions
   Please read the following information before submitting a donation request to ensure that your organization qualifies to receive support from the Father Dowd Foundation.
Who is eligible to receive funding?
Charities and other nonprofit organizations catering to senior citizens are free to apply for funding.
What may an organization request funding for?
Please read the information available on this website to determine whether your services align with the Father Dowd mission.
When should applications be sent?
Decisions regarding donation allocations are made once a year in November, therefore all Requests must be submitted by October 1st.
What is involved in submitting an application for funding? Please fill out and submit the appropriate form. Budgets and costs of programs should be included.