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Seniors Action Quebec
  Seniors Action Quebec works to maintain and enhance the vitality of English-speaking Quebec seniors. All efforts will identify and address challenges and issues to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for English-speaking seniors.
  Its strategies are :
to support and develop senior leadership locally and provincially;
to celebrate and maintain the contributions of English-speaking seniors throughout Quebec;
to access and address the living conditions of English-Speaking seniors in Quebec in all its varied aspects;
to ensure access to information for an active and healthy aging of the English-speaking communities in Quebec;
to develop partnerships with organizations that have common objectives;
to work with governments to address challenges/needs facing English-speaking seniors.
1857 de Maisonneuve West, 2nd floor
Montreal, Qc
H3H 1J9
Telephone: (514) 937 5351 Ext. 248
Seniors Action Quebec