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Henri Bradet Centre
  The Henri Bradet day centre works jointly with the CLSC’s home care services. It is a community day program that provides preventative and therapeutic activities for seniors living at home who have lost some autonomy.
  Our day centres provide preventive and therapeutic activities for older people living at home with a loss of physical, cognitive or psychosocial autonomy. Our mission is to promote and enhance the autonomy and quality of life of older people and their families using an approach that promotes wellness. On average, our day centres can accommodate between 25-28 people every day. Transportation between home and the centres, as well as lunch, are offered at low prices. In general, clients attend our centres once or twice a week, depending on capacity.
6465 avenue de Chester
Montreal West, QC
H4V 2Z8
Telephone: (514) 484-7878
Henri Bradet Centre

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